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Winter Skincare Tips

Harley Street based Dr Jack teams up with Perfect Moment for his recommendations on winter skin care.


Top Tips From Dr Jack

Although most people associate summer time with when the skin is most susceptible to damage, winter time (particularly in the snow and on the ski slopes) is often when your skin is exposed to the harshest environments. A combination of UV damage from the sun, reflected off the snow, cold temperatures, and extremes of moisture changes from inside to outside really take their toll!
This being said, there are some easy and simple ways to look after your skin on your ski holiday this winter. Here are my top tips:

1. SPF

There is no substitute for a good SPF in any skincare regime, particularly in the harsh winter sun. I recommend at least SPF 30 (with a good UVA and UVB filter), if not ideally SPF 50 or above. These days, with so many good SPF creams on the market it can be difficult to make a choice. Something lightweight and non-comedogenic (ie doesn’t block the pores and cause spots!) is best. Brands such as Heliocare or la Roche Posay have some really good ones on offer, as well as my own All Day Long SPF 50 moisturiser-serum from my integrative beauty range.

2. Stay Hydrated

The skin is a reflection of your internal body environment, so maintaining a good level of hydration is key to keeping your skin healthy (particularly with the long hours of physical exertion spent at altitude). I would recommend you take at least 2 litres of water, if not more, during a day of skiing, ideally with some added vitamins (such as berocca or Vitamin C + Zinc tablets – great to pop a tube in your ski jacket before you get on the lifts)

3.  Steam and Sauna

After a day spent in the cold, there can be nothing nicer than relaxing in the steam room or sauna of your chalet or hotel. Sweating helps to flush out your pores so afterwards it is important to keep your skin clean with a good, simple cleanser, such as a micellar water. 

4.  Skin Repair using hyaluronic acid

After micellar water, using a good, hydrating antioxidant serum will help to repair your skin from any damage done during the day.

5.  Drink sensibly!

Alcohol takes its toll on the skin, particularly when the potential for damage is higher so drink sensibly, not to excess!

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