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90 Seconds With Lottie Murphy

You clearly love to travel, tell us about your top travel destinations?

Everywhere I go I fall in love with and I’ve been lucky enough to visit some beautiful destinations this year where I’ve had the most incredible experiences including Lake Geneva, Sardinia, Mykonos, Viana and New York. New York was definitely up there with one of my favourite trips of all time and I could definitely see myself living there. They are Pilates enthusiasts and it’s of course foodie central so I feel I would fit right in. I’m definitely somewhere between a city and beach girl so my top 3 destinations are Barcelona, Lisbon and Cape Town where you have the best of both worlds.

What do you always take with you on your trips abroad?

I always take activewear, I love keeping active whether it’s going for runs, hikes or finding the best Pilates and yoga classes in the area. I also take my camera as I’ve loved vlogging my trips this year. I can’t wait to look back on the videos one day, I think it’s such a lovely way to journal all these adventures I’m so grateful to be having in my twenties. I also always take dark chocolate with me, I can’t be in a hotel room or villa without it and I have my favourites 90% indt which is my every day pick me up. 

Have you got any secret gems you can share with us? A hotel, a beach bar..any hideaways?

If you go to Lisbon you have to stay at Baixa House. It’s this gorgeous block of apartments, the interior design is like Pinterest and they put homemade bread, cakes and yogurt in your room every day. It’s a perfect location too. When I was in New York I went to New York Pilates twice, make sure you go to the Soho location as it’s a stunning loft studio, this place will make you fall in love with reformer Pilates. There’s nothing like it in London and then get a to die for Iced Vanilla Oat Milk Latte from Ludlow Coffee Supply after. My boyfriend is Swedish so we visit there twice a year. Gothenburg is like a little London and has the most amazing homeware shops, you can walk around the city in a day so it’s a must for a long weekend- get a cinnamon bun from Haga and wander around. It’s beautiful. 

Sunrise Yoga or going for a bike ride...Whats your exercise of choice when away?

Both of the above plus Pilates, hiking, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding. I’ve become much more adventurous as I’ve got older and have loved trying more water sports recently. My favourite way to move when away though is hiking. Ibiza is incredible for it, I’ll be there in October hosting a Pilates retreat so we will be hiking most days too. 

What would your holiday Perfect Moment be!

Eating a huge buffet of fresh beautiful salads, fruit, bread from local farms and independent shops with coffee around a big table alfresco in the shade but with the sun beaming in post a sunrise hike with all my favourite people. You can follow Lottie on instagram @lottiemurphy_ and her website