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New Ways on Water | Summer 2018


The new sup-yoga – for those who love the calm pursuit of the stand-up paddleboard but struggle with perfecting their Namaste poses Ballet Boarding could be the new summer water sport for you. Think slow forward and backward movements keeping in time to the gentle rhythm of the water, add a Plié or two and if you are really pushing it build up to a Rond de jambe…this is ballet on your board and requires a core of steel and a good dose of falling in potential. Don your Perfect Moment Spring Suit for looking streamlined and En pointe.


Once only available to the James Bond crew, Flyboarding has now arrived at a beach near you! Spotted in sheltered bays from the Balearics to the Hamptons, get yourself on board this one person flying machine and be propelled 10 meters above the sparkling blue as you learn tricks and stunts, cruising around using the water jets from the thrusters on your feet. Get upright and airborne for more than 10 minutes and you are doing well…this is harder than it seems but stick with it you will soon be experiencing what it’s like to be truly walking in the air.


Surfing is a firm favourite here at Perfect Moment and has been with us since time began but for something new check out the surf breaks at the world’s first inland Surf Garden. Set deep inland in the heart of the UK’s Snowdonia National Park this is where absolute beginners can ride alongside the pros where the inland lagoon creates perfectly formed consistently powerful waves giving riders 120-point break type rides every hour. Whether you go for the barrels or smooth white water rolling waves, kit up in PM’s Super Mojo board shortsor an Open Water swim suitto complete the look.


Now considered not so extreme as its earlier days, Kite Surfing has become freely available to all ages and something of a staple at many a windy coastline bay. And Kite Surfing also has the attraction that it’s awesome to watch as the bright and bold sails appear to clash from the shores as riders hardness the power of the wind. From the beaches at Fuerteventura which offer surfable winds day after day in the season, to Italy’s mecca for European Kiters at Lake Garda, to the perfect wind conditions that fall on the 70-mile sliver of land that hugs North Carolina’s coast that is Cape Hatteras, Kite Surfing is the ultimate waterborne sport.

And if none of that takes your fancy, put on your board shorts, a bikini or swimmie and take to the seas on your giant inflatable pink flamingo

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