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Winter Wonderland Skin Care Tips

Francesca White, Health & Beauty Director of Tatler Magazine talks about being high up in the Rocky Mountains at -35 degrees, and her recommendations for the ultimate skin care regime in extreme cold.

-35 Degrees Up In The Rocky Mountains Of Colorado

This time last week I was in the Rocky Mountains, where temperatures hovered at a frostbite-inducing -35°C. Great for skiing, less so for skin, which loses water quicker than downhill skier on an icy slope.


In extreme cold, your normal skincare regime just doesn’t cut it. Wintery climates call for products that not only repair the lipid barrier (the layer of fatty acids that protects skin from environmental factors) but that boost hydration and soothe irritation. Now is the time to up the ante…

Moisture Levels

Start by cranking up those moisture levels. Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil, £143, is full of omega 3 and 6 to restore lost lipids and brings life back to worn-out skin. A few drops, morning or night, keeps things silky-soft and happy. Sort of like thermals, but for your face.


A heavy-duty moisturiser is also your friend and Sisley Restorative Face Cream, £110, is loaded with shea butter – so it’s intensely comforting when skin is red, sore or starting to flake. Put it everywhere, including the tip of your nose, your cuticles and around your eyes. The skin here is the most delicate on the body so it needs all the help it can get!


And don’t forget your lips. A thick salve like Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm, £47, will put a stop to any peeling and comes in the prettiest pink pot.

Sun Protection

The one thing you ABSOLUTELY must not go without is sun protection. 80% of UV rays can pass through clouds (and their reflection off the snow causes even more damage). Sisley Facial Sun Care SPF 50+, £115, is sheer, non-sticky and won’t come off on your goggles.


Though that’s not to say you can’t get some warmth into your complexion. Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Facial Skin Care, £88, takes five seconds to apply and gives a convincing glow. At least, according to everyone back home, who have commented on the lovely colour I acquired skiing…


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Francesca White, Health & Beauty Director, Tatler

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