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Are you the first one on the slopes, or the last to leave aprés? Practical, or putting your look first?...

Find your ski alter-ego for the season below, and shop accordingly.

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Primed and ready for the first powder of the year, the Seasoned Pro knows their Chamonixs from their Verbiers, and the best runs at every top resort. Function comes first, think high-performance separates that don't sacrifice on style.
Houndstooth Calea Soft Shell Jacket 0Houndstooth Calea Soft Shell Jacket 1
Houndstooth Calea Soft Shell Jacket$742.5$990 -25%
Calea Soft Shell Jacket 0Calea Soft Shell Jacket 1
Calea Soft Shell JacketNew$990
High Waist Aurora Flare Pant 0High Waist Aurora Flare Pant 1
High Waist Aurora Flare Pant2 Length Options$490
Mid-Rise Chevron Flare Pant 0Mid-Rise Chevron Flare Pant 1
Mid-Rise Chevron Flare PantUpdated Fit$343$490 -30%
Here for a good time (and a good look), they’ll join you for a blue run before making sure they’re first in line for the bar. Their ski wardrobe is all about appeal, with leather, corduroy and metallics forming the foundation.
Houndstooth Noelle Faux Fur Jacket 0Houndstooth Noelle Faux Fur Jacket 1
Houndstooth Noelle Faux Fur JacketNew$495
Noelle Faux Fur Bomber Jacket 0Noelle Faux Fur Bomber Jacket 1
Noelle Faux Fur Bomber JacketNew$490
Houndstooth Jumpsuit 0Houndstooth Jumpsuit 1
Houndstooth Jumpsuit$310$620 -50%
Frankie Faux Leather Salopette Pants 0Frankie Faux Leather Salopette Pants 1
Frankie Faux Leather Salopette PantsNew$790
Guaranteed to bring the energy to the trip–and with a bold wardrobe to match–the Sporty One is never not ready to join you on the slopes. They're always camera ready in graphic prints and a bright, retro-inspired palette.
Montana Ski Suit 0Montana Ski Suit 1
Montana Ski SuitNew$990
Super Mojo Down Puffer Jacket 0Super Mojo Down Puffer Jacket 1
Super Mojo Down Puffer Jacket$474$790 -40%
Mid-Rise Chevron Flare Pant 0Mid-Rise Chevron Flare Pant 1
Mid-Rise Chevron Flare PantUpdated Fit$343$490 -30%
Neve Merino Wool Sweater 0Neve Merino Wool Sweater 1
Neve Merino Wool SweaterNew$395
Made for the mountain lifestyle, minus the actual skiing, the Terrace Surfer is here to revel and relax. During the day they're in head-to-toe knitwear, hot chocolate in hand, before throwing over a jacket to join their friends and family for aprés.
Sierra Down Vest 0Sierra Down Vest 1
Sierra Down VestNew$590
Whistler Merino Wool Hoodie 0Whistler Merino Wool Hoodie 1
Whistler Merino Wool HoodieMatching Sets$252$360 -30%
Oversized Parka III 0
Oversized Parka III$790
Aster Merino Wool Leggings 0Aster Merino Wool Leggings 1
Aster Merino Wool LeggingsMatching Sets$290
Your most reliable source for this year's ski trip, the Team Leader. They blend performance and style seamlessly in head-to-toe Perfect Moment. Known for meticulous planning, they've got the best resorts, routes, and aprés spots covered.
Alpine Merino Wool Sweater 0Alpine Merino Wool Sweater 1
Alpine Merino Wool Sweater$294$420 -30%
Houndstooth Ski Duvet Down Jacket 0Houndstooth Ski Duvet Down Jacket 1
Houndstooth Ski Duvet Down JacketNew$795
Brixen Merino Wool Sweater 0Brixen Merino Wool Sweater 1
Brixen Merino Wool SweaterNew$450
High Waist Aurora Flare Pant 0High Waist Aurora Flare Pant 1
High Waist Aurora Flare Pant$294$490 -40%
Prioritising the look over practicality, they see the slopes as their personal runway. Dressed in a ski suit, they’ll take on a couple of runs, but avoid breaking a sweat. Find them at aprés, uploading the days content to Instagram, drink in hand.
Vegan Leather Crystal Ski Suit 0Vegan Leather Crystal Ski Suit 1
Vegan Leather Crystal Ski Suit$495$990 -50%
Houndstooth Helen Ski Suit 0Houndstooth Helen Ski Suit 1
Houndstooth Helen Ski Suit$700$1400 -50%
Houndstooth Ski Suit 0Houndstooth Ski Suit 1
Houndstooth Ski Suit$693$990 -30%
Cameron Vegan Leather Ski Suit 0Cameron Vegan Leather Ski Suit 1
Cameron Vegan Leather Ski SuitNew$1400