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Perfect Moment x The Woolmark Company

Meet our Wonder Wools – responsibly-made, best-in-class wool pieces.
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Discover the Magic of Wool

Natural, biodegradable, and renewable - made without the use of microplastics and requires less energy and water to produce compared to other fabrics.

Perform in comfort - wool fibers are naturally breathable, moisture wicking and odour resistant.

Easy to care for, most wool is machine-washable, stain and wrinkle resistant.

Everlasting, a slow-fashion hero with impeccable staying power, wool is made to last a lifetime. 

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Wool Essentials

Softer than cashmere, and kind on sensitive skin – making it the ultimate ski-trip companion.
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Perform in Merino

Naturally elastic, UV and odour resistant – a perfect option while you're on the go.
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