An epic adventure to find that perfect moment

Born in Chamonix, the Perfect Moment adventure started over ten years ago out of the vision of Thierry Donard, renowned extreme sports filmmaker and professional skier, with an ultimate goal to bring "Style and Performanceā€¯ to skiwear.
Perfect Moment designs have since enabled freeriders all over the world to break through their limits in, and out of, iconic ski and surf films, events and competitions.


Sharing the spirit of freedom

Thierry Donard's inspiration and determination to create the 'Perfect Moment' brand came from his vast experience directing world-renowned extreme ski and surf films. His film production company, "La Nuite De La Glisse", was founded in 1984 by a group of skier and surfer friends to convey the disciplined and to capture the deepest emotions of athletes living in the moment.
Having assembled some of the best freeriders on the planet, including snowboarders, skiers, surfers, Thierry Donard has used his personal experience to create ski and surf pieces impassioned by quality, style and performance.
His mission focuses on the ultimate goal of every athlete, to experience that Perfect Moment.


Leading the way

The Perfect Moment logo is inspired by the Northern Star. Used to guide the early explorers safely home, the northern star is Nature's compass, a key tool to any adventurer. The Northern Star, placed proudly on each Perfect Moment garment, symbolises technically exceptional, practical and stylish clothing capable of meeting the vigorous demands of a freerider.


Stand out in style

Perfect Moment vivid colours are inspired by the energy of Greenland's Northern Lights. Thierry Donard also finds them useful for spotting extreme freeriders during filming, especially when jumping from helicopters.
Whether you are heliskiing or carving your way through the steepest slopes, stand out in style with our bright and bold colours.


High on Performance, big on Style

Perfect Moment delivers stylish high performance and lifestyle pieces that can be worn on and off the slopes. The unique tech fabrics in our brand new ski collection, offers the very best protection and insulation for those days spent cruising down the piste or heading out into the back country. Perfect Moment have put your performance at the forefront of our designs and that is why we use the industries leading innovative technical fabrics and materials.
Our performance ski pieces have been given the ultimate road test on the Arctic Terrains, thus endorsing its ability to protect our users in the most extreme of weather conditions. We are proof you can wear fashionable sportswear, whilst feeling safe in the knowledge what you are wearing is resilient to the wear and tear of the great outdoors.


Polar Bear Survival in extreme environments

Perfect Moments "Bear Protection" houses all our technical fabrics and materials, featuring the key characteristics reflected in the protection, insulation and quality of Perfect Moment performance skiwear. Known for bravely venturing through its Arctic surroundings by adapting to cold temperatures whilst moving through snow, ice and water.
This most powerful land predator is now classified as a vulnerable species. Our iconic Polar Bear design aims to raise awareness and protect this exceptional animal.