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Ibiza, Spain

Join Perfect Moment Co-Founder & Creative Director, Jane Gottschalk, on an unforgettable curated journey through this idyllic destination. Get ready for an Ibiza experience like never before.

A Q&A With Perfect Moment Founder, Jane Gottschalk

Q: When did you first visit Ibiza? 

A: We first visited the island to stay with a group of friends who were on a ‘sober’ holiday. Needless to say, the wheels fell off the wagon and we vowed never to return. Until one day, we saw a house advertised and we immediately fell in love with it. 17 years later and a lifetime of priceless memories with family and friends, Ibiza has become an intricate part of our lives.

Q: What do you like about it?

A: Along with Mykonos, Ibiza has become the hotspot party holiday destination but the island as a whole is known for its laid back hippie vibe, beautiful nature and some of the best healers and therapists in the world. You can still turn up to a party in a bikini or a ball gown and for the most part, no one will bat an eyelid.

Q: The best beaches?

A:  Calabasas Beach Club has a restaurant that wraps all the way around, plus the most amazing, coloured water. It used to be hidden gem but is now immensely popular, especially in the summer months. The quietest coves and beaches are on the northern part of the island.

Q: Any favourite outdoor spots?

A: Las Dalias is still a fun place to visit, it's the original hippie market, selling cute sandals to crystals to carved olive wood to fun coverups and traditional artefacts; they have great live music on Monday nights.

Q: Do you take any day trips? 

A: The family-owned 10.7 in Formentera, the fact that it's not so touristy, it's further round the island than the super popular Juan et Andrea, whitewashed floorboards, and home-cooked views, with one of the best views in the world of water so blue it looks beyond Caribbean.  The staff there are the most charming, the most
welcoming and beyond slick.

Q: The best places to eat?

A: Casa Jondal, it's feet in the sand, Ibiza style, with unrivalled food on the island. Book a year in advance for the stonefish tacos, the prawn carpaccio, and the best fresh anchovies! Followed by a whole pineapple cut into 3 - the bottom layer is pineapple sorbet, the middle layer is pineapple chunks in creme brûlée, and the top layer is flambeed! It comes as a whole concoction, it's a visual treat as much as a feasting one.

Q: Your favourite spot?

A: It's not so secret anymore, it's been our favourite for years, and now it even has its own website!  It's called Ses Boques in Es Cubells. The mother cooks, the sons are the waiters, there are 10 tables in the sand.  It's the most unassuming place and everything is fresh, homemade, tastes wonderful and is served with a smile.

Q: The best spot for a pitstop?

A: Vivi's Creamery Cafe in Ibiza town, it's set up by Vivien, the wife of ex-racing formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg.  There are vegan options too amongst flavours that include black vanilla, prickly pear ginger, dragon fruit and banana with curry.  I'm not joking, they're outrageous. From there walk up to the old town and suck up the view.

Q: Where would you head in the evening? 

A: It's a hole in the wall called Corsario next to Annie's Ibiza in the Old Town, and it serves fantastic Margaritas and tapas!

Q: The best spot to be at sunset? 

A: Our favourite sunset spot is on the cliff top overlooking Es Vedra. We take drinks there with friends and stay until late, sometimes taking picnics too.

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